How To Donate

Welcome to the Evangelical Covenant Church Donation Portal.  This portal was developed as an easy way for church members to donate or sign up for events and services offered by their specific Covenant Church.

Each participating Evangelical Covenant Church has their own section of the Donation Portal.  Each section has a method for donating to the church (one-time or recurring) and a method for enrolling in different events and services that are offered by the church.

We hope you find the site easy to use.

How to Donate/Tithe

Upon entering your Covenant Church’s section, you will see a listing of donation options offered by your church.
Setting up a recurring or one-time donation on the portal is easy. The Evangelical Covenant Church Donation Portal features a Giving Cart - a "shopping cart" that enables you to make a single donation, multiple donations, and recurring donation; all in one visit.
Simply click on “Make a Donation/Tithe” and fill in the necessary fields requested by your Covenant Church, including the donation amount, frequency of donation, your donation preferences, your donation designation, and your donation dedication and click the “Add to Giving Cart” button.

How to Pay for an Event.

On the same page where you see a listing of donation options, you will also see a list of events and services offered by your church.
Paying for an event or service is even easier than making a donation.  Simply click on the link for your desired event or service and add to the Giving Cart.

Giving Cart.

The Giving Cart lists your donations and church events or services. On this page, you may remove or modify the quantity of specific items in the Giving Cart.  You can enter coupon codes and indicate any special instructions or notes about your giving on this page.  Also from this page, you may click the “Continue Giving…” button to continue adding items to your Giving Cart or you can click “Checkout Now” button to proceed to check out.

Checkout Process

The Checkout Process is very similar to many web sites.  You will be asked to create a Profile for future giving, as a way for you to save your contact information and to store your donation history for future reference.
Once you decide to check out, you will be prompted to sign in to the Evangelical Covenant Church Donation Portal. If you are a returning donor, simply enter your e-mail address and password and click “Sign In”. If you are a new donor, simply enter your e-mail address, your billing information and your shipping information, as requested, and click Continue.

You will have multiple payment options to choose from.  The Evangelical Covenant Church Donation Portal currently accepts Visa, Master Card, Discover and eCheck.  Simply fill out your payment information and click “Continue Checkout”. 

You will have one more opportunity to review your order.  If everything looks good, click the “Place Order” button and your transaction will be complete.

Once the transaction is complete, a receipt will be sent to your email address and you will see a page with the following information:

Your Transaction is Complete.

Thank You for Supporting The Evangelical Covenant Church.

If you ordered via credit card, your credit card statement will show a charge to "Covenant Giving." If you ordered via E-Check, your bank statement will show a charge to "CovGiving."


Your Order Number is:
Your Customer ID is:

An e-mail confirmation will be sent to:

For a printable receipt, here