FOWM #248 Partnerships in the MENA Region

FOWM #248 Partnerships in the MENA Region

For the past two years, we have been seeking to build a solid foundation from which
to serve the region of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Our four focuses
in MENA are religious persecution, Muslim engagement, ministry to refugees, and
peace and reconciliation. We know God is at work in the region in powerful ways.
And our work there was launched by building relationships through strategic partnerships.

One pastor in the area told MENA staff, “We are seeing the Book of Acts come alive!” Indeed, people of
faith are working together to seek the full shalom of God’s kingdom. The body of Christ makes up less
than 2 percent of the total population, but they are committed to sharing and living the gospel holistically.

We have sought partnership with local ministries, seeking to see the love of Christ transform
individuals and communities. These partnerships have produced ten projects so far. This FOWM
appeal moves us into the second stage of our launch: continue our partnerships while moving deeper
into presence in this region.

Your gift will enable Serve Globally to facilitate moving team members into MENA in response to
the expressed needs of our partners. Funds will be used for moving and settling into a new home,
language and culture acquisition (learning Arabic requires at least two years), and the purchase of
vehicles where needed.

We are excited that our first team members will move to a country in North Africa in early 2020!
This couple will be part of a team working for community transformation with ministries already
established and recognized by the local government. The organization shares Covenant values and
has need for the gifts this couple brings. While this is our first global personnel relocating to the
region, we hope that more will join what God is doing through Serve Globally and our partners.
Thank you for your partnership in the launch of ministry in the MENA region.