FOWM #245 – Sharing Good News through Arts in France

FOWM #245 – Sharing Good News through Arts in France

For 17 years Covenant global personnel (missionaries) have been serving with La Fonderie, a ministry in Paris that exists to express the power and beauty of the gospel in and through the arts. As part of this creative ministry, a multifunctional art space was opened in 2006 in the heart of the city, a place to welcome all artists.

Serving as a gallery and as a small venue for concerts, theater, and other events, this art space serves as a bridge between the church and the arts community. La Fonderie staff care for and serve artists by affirming their gifts, providing space for the public to appreciate their work, and creating community with them in the gospel. Long-term relationships have been established with these artists and a life-giving presence brought to the local community.

The funding of this project will allow our partners in France to deepen relationships in their local districts and the larger art networks of Paris—both by sponsoring Christian artists in art festivals and fairs as well as by opening the art space to the community by hosting art-related workshops, conferences, and events. With your help, La Fonderie will also be able to develop a music program, train young artists to work in the art space in a variety of positions, provide spiritual care for artists through retreats and resources, and make necessary improvements to the location itself.

In what could be considered post-Christian Paris, the desire of La Fonderie is to nurture this creative community, with the belief that the arts play a crucial role in bearing witness to the gospel in this context. FOWM Project #245 will ensure the future of this ministry by enabling La Fonderie staff to invest in the talents and work of young artists and train them to take this ministry to the next level.

Will you join us and our partners in France as they deepen relationships within their community, nurture the spiritual life of the artists served by La Fonderie, and pave the way for this work to continue?