FOWM #243 – Leadership Renewal in Latin America

FOWM #243 – Leadership Renewal in Latin America

One approach rarely fits all, and local Covenant church leaders in Latin America face different obstacles—but the need for spiritual and theological renewal is a common cry from these leaders who tirelessly serve their churches and communities. FOWM Project #243 seeks to support leadership renewal efforts in a variety of ways.


In Colombia, the need is to train leaders from local Covenant churches so that they can, in turn, train people in their congregations. In collaboration with Seminario Bíblico de Colombia, 100 lay leaders from five regions will gather every two months to study three certificate programs over three years. The project will also offer scholarships to four pastors or lay leaders who want to study at the Biblical Seminary of Colombia in Medellín. These leaders will be chosen with the support of their local pastors who will be their mentors in the process.


In Ecuador, leadership renewal will take the form of holistic care through an annual retreat for 105 pastors from Iglesia del Pacto Evangélico de Ecuador (IPEE) and their families. Along with time for emotional and spiritual renewal, retreats will include access to preventative care and medical check-ups. Most pastors and lay leaders in Ecuador work bi-vocationally, many of them, for example, working the fields as sustenance farmers, as well as working the “spiritual fields” as evangelists, social workers, and pastors. Local faith communities have long been searching for ways to better care for their clergy and their families, longing to provide them with rest and renewal in a sustainable way, so they can, in turn, serve the church and the world with effectiveness and joy.


Your prayers and gifts toward FOWM #243 will enable our partner churches in Colombia and Ecuador, to provide opportunities for spiritual and ministry renewal for their leaders. Thank you for considering!