FOWM #242 – Theological Education in the Middle East North Africa

FOWM #242 – Theological Education in the Middle East North Africa

The Christian population in the Middle East North Africa (MENA) is a small minority in a predominantly Muslim society—but there are increasing numbers of Christians there who identify as Muslim background believers. In that context, theological education is necessary to provide a strong foundation for Christians. 

While indigenous theological and biblical education does exist within MENA, capacity and access are limited by restrictions on religious freedom and the cost of educational programs. Additional resources would provide these ministries the ability to strengthen their programs and serve a broader constituency, as well as develop and train leaders, and thus strengthen the church in MENA.

FOWM Project #242 seeks to support the church in MENA to increase access to theological education. The project will be managed jointly by our MENA team and regional ministries in MENA, including three established institutions: Bethlehem Bible College, Nazareth Evangelical College, and Augustine Theological Institute. This network will also bring a wider understanding of the depth of resources that exist in the MENA region.  

Through multiple formats, like online programming, this project will expand local ministries’ abilities to provide education to diverse geographic locations—including those in refugee or closed communities. It will aim to provide at last three scholarships, support a module of local pastor training, and provide access to training for lay leaders in areas launching indigenous churches. Existing local partners have helped determine areas of greatest need, such as educational opportunities for pastors from isolated rural communities and access to training for women—in the context of MENA cultures, women are typically not valued or supported as leaders. The potential for this project to strengthen and grow the church by way of well-trained church leaders is tremendous! 

Will you join us and our partners in MENA in seeking to energize God’s people in the region that gave birth to the Savior of the world?