FOWM #237 – Latin America Ministry Exchange

FOWM #237 – Latin America Ministry Exchange

We often hear it said that the most valuable resource an organization possesses is human resources. Serve Globally believes that wholeheartedly! That’s why I’m excited to tell you about this FOWM project that seeks to develop ministries by way of leadership cross-pollination in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Across our Covenant churches and partners in Latin America, there are leaders who have amassed a wealth of wisdom, experience, and expertise, and this project provides a way for them to share this wealth with one another. Furthermore, it creates an environment for younger leaders to learn from these veteran leaders. This cross-pollination of best practices will serve not only as a place for mutual learning, but also for mentoring.

Through the Latin America Ministry Exchange, flourishing ministries—a microbusiness project in Mexico, water projects for deprived areas in Colombia, healthcare clinics for indigenous people in Ecuador, and church revitalization and evangelism in all of these countries and more—have the opportunity to multiply throughout the region as leaders meet together, share strategies, and then go back to their respective communities with greater knowledge, renewed energy, and encouragement.

We are convinced that such cross-pollination of best practices in ministry and mentoring of younger leaders cannot happen without face-to-face times together. Your prayers and gifts toward the Latin America Ministry Exchange will enable leaders to visit one another, conduct workshops and seminars, and engage in the ministry of encouragement and learning for the sake of the whole gospel in Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Nicaragua, Chile, and Argentina. Thank you for helping to spark effective ministry among leaders in Covenant churches in these places as they learn to work together in creative ways.

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