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Ways to Donate

Providing information and resources that broaden our understanding of what it means to be Covenant.
With your gift, you are loving, serving, and working together with the poor, the powerless, and the marginalized.
Your gift will change lives in Congo - the poorest country on earth.
Covenant missionaries and their ministries rely on partnerships with churches and people like you to make their work possible.
Strengthen the church by empowering women to make disciples who make disciples.
3 Strands Strong — Congregation. Conference. Covenant.
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Gifts to the President's Mission and Ministry Fund help to advance the mission of the ECC as we follow the heart of God into the world.
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Support those in ministry during times of crisis or need.
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Kingdom Builders have been helping to build God’s kingdom by sharing their resources with churches.
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Monthly donations through Covenant Kids provide scholarships to children in many countries.
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Your support helps to assure that this life-changing ministry event will be offered for many generations to come.
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We are committed to pursuing compassion and justice through our world.
Covenant Orientation fulfills the orientation requirement for credentialing set by the Board of the Ordered Ministry.
The ACSD exists to facilitate broader connection between Covenant–affiliated spiritual directors.
Here is how you can help provide for a pastor.
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