Love Mercy Do Justice

Community Transformation through Local Churches
For over five years, LMDJ had been able to support community transformation through local churches through Ministry Development Grants. Your gift today could provide one month of healthcare to an underserved neighbor, seeds for a community garden, or school supplise for children in low-income neighborhoods.

Suggested Donation Amount: $50
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Invitation to Racial Righteousness
Invitation to Racial Righteousness (I2RR) is a congregational resource that lays the bibilcal and theological foundation for why the church is called to pursue racial righteousness and reconciliation. Rooted in the redemptive, life-altering work of Jesus Christ, I2RR creates a protected environment of grace and truth to learn, process, and reflect on the impact of race and racism in our world and within the church.

Suggested Donation Amount: $75
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Where Needed Most in Covenant Mission and Ministry
The Covenant Mission and Ministry Partners Fund is our annual fund and the primary way to support all of our five Covenant mission priorities: Make and Deepen Disciples, Start and Strengthen Churches, Love Mercy Do Justice, Develop Leaders, and Serve Globally. The five mission priorities guide our kingdom work so that together we are able to join God in God’s mission to see more disciples among more populations in a more caring and just world. We can do so much in ministry, together.

A gift of any amount will bless our shared mission as the Covenant.
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