Make and Deepen Disciples

Justice Journey For Kids
Help us get this curriculum into the hands of as many children's ministry leaders and parents as possible so that children can begin their journey toward understanding justice and how Jesus brings restoration and reconciliation. 

Suggested donation amount: $50
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Support Covenant Youth
Help us reach more students across the Covenant by giving to the Unite Legacy Fund to support Covenant youth. This fund will help provide discipleship resources and scholarships so more students can be part of strengthening God's kingdom by uniting in Christ-centered mission through Unite, a Covenant youth dicipleship movement. 

Suggested Donation Amount: $50
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Where Needed Most in Covenant Mission and Ministry
The Covenant Mission and Ministry Partners Fund is our annual fund and the primary way to support all of our five Covenant mission priorities: Make and Deepen Disciples, Start and Strengthen Churches, Love Mercy Do Justice, Develop Leaders, and Serve Globally. The five mission priorities guide our kingdom work so that together we are able to join God in God’s mission to see more disciples among more populations in a more caring and just world. We can do so much in ministry, together.

A gift of any amount will bless our shared mission as the Covenant.
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